Perks Of Being A Bookie At Bookie Pay Per Head 

In the old times, a bookie just used a notepad, a newspaper and some cash. Today, a lot has changed as the competition has increased and sports bettor expectations have become high. Apart from just betting odds on the local sport events, a bookie must provide more than that. Our Bookie Pay Per Head Solutions can bring your gambling experience to another level. 

So, be a bookie at bookie pay per head services at $5 per player or even less than that. No publicity stunt, no hidden charges, no pre-deposits. 

A bookie is considered as successful if he provides a reliable website to the players with multiple platforms which are fast, secure and user friendly. Additionally, making the clients aware about all the competitive odds on all the major gambling events from across the world like horse racing, live betting as well as live casinos. 

Steps to become an online bookie

  • Quick sign up for 14 days free trial: A username and a password is all it requires to create a successful account with us. Therefore, no pre-deposit, personal information or any commitments is necessary. 

Once the form submission is completed, an email is received to confirm the submitted information and then a bookie is all set to create player accounts and betting is all set to go. 

  • Creating a sports betting account for all players: After opening a sports betting account for yourself, it is required to create a betting account for every player. 
  • Managing the players: After all this, all you require is to login into your bookie pay per head management account to manage your players. All of the players and clients are managed with our Bookie dashboard. Additionally, bookies manage their bets thereby generating reports on everything including winning or losing the bets. 

Benefits of choosing price per player as PPH bookie providers

There are multiple benefits to your players of getting price per player. Some of them are listed below:

  • Amazing sports betting.
  • Live betting.
  • Horse racing.
  • Dealing with live casinos.
  • Player prop bet builder.
  • Having access to telephone and online gambling services. 

Getting a price per player is equally beneficial to bookies as well. 

  • User friendly player management system. 
  • Set the access and limits to players.
  • Creation and edition of players. 
  • Player figures on the basis of daily, monthly and weekly. 
  • Tools for player risk management and much more. 
  • Authentic reports. 

Bookie pay per head software 

A fourth generation software for betting platform using the base as DGS software. Our software is constantly improving and new features are getting added regularly. 

Furthermore, this software is made for bookie operators who require a sports platform which is efficient and affordable. Therefore, this software helps to fully track, manage and analyze all of your players’ gambling and trends. 


Price per player booking management platform software makes easy management of players and clients, thus, giving them what they want. This platform personalizes the bookie player relationship and makes you aware of how your players are doing. The more players you will get, the cheaper the cost per client. And this comes without compromising the quality. You’ll always get a wonderful experience on the bookie platform.