Ronaldo: The best ever?

Cristiano Ronaldo has achieved a great deal in his sport.He was seen by some as nothing more than a show pony very early in his career. However, he dispelled that thought with a huge amount of hard work and by taking on board the advice of his mentor Sir Alex Ferguson. He has gone from there to becomeone of the greatest players of all time, and to some people, the greatest of all time. So why is he so good?

Supreme athlete 

Ronaldo has long been a player who can pull off feats of athleticism that other players could only dream of. This has been a huge part of his rise to become the top player he is today. Other players may have more natural ability, but Ronaldo has natural athleticism combined with a work ethic like no other. This has helped to make him an intimidating presence on the pitch. Defenders always know that if his skill fails then his speed and power will make up for it.

Goal scoring machine 

At the start of every season almost all NJ Online Sportsbooks have Ronaldo down as one of the favorites to win the golden boot. No matter what league he was playing in, English, Spanish or now in the Italian. He has been a consistent goal scorer for almost a decade, and he does not look like stopping. Because he is a constant source of goals he has managed to win an incredible haul of trophies that very few people can equal. That is a part of the reason why Ronaldo is seen as being the best ever player.