Are You Playing The Right Free Spins Bonuses?

If you’ve ever played at an online casino before you’ll be aware that there are many different types of deposit and free spins bonuses on offer.

But which bonuses are the right ones for you? Which is going to give me the best chances of cashing out?

Quite often they all look similar, but when you scratch the surface you may find that there are some differences that may help you choose which one is best for you.

Here we are going to focus on how to choose a free spins bonus that most suits your aims and playing style.

What is a free spins bonus?

A good place to start is by looking at what a free spins bonus actually is.

Free spins bonuses are offered by online casinos to attract new players. When a player signs up or makes their first deposit the free spins are added to the new player’s account and they are invited to play the free spins. What ever they win is theirs to keep. Sound about right? Well…. almost.

This is loosely correct but there are some factors you should research before depositing your hard earned cash.

Types Of Free Spins Bonus

Generally speaking there are 2 main types free spins offered to new customers.

  1. Free Spins No Deposit Bonus
  2. Free Spins On First Deposit 

The names of each are pretty much self-explanatory. A no deposit bonus is awarded when a player registers (and verifies their account) at a new casino, with no requirement to make a deposit. Free spins on 1st Deposit are provided as a reward after the first deposit is made.

You’ll find that the number of free spins awarded in a no deposit bonus will be significantly less than you will get on a deposit bonus. Typically, you’ll be awarded between 10 and 50 no deposit free spins with a registration bonus. And between 50 and 300 free spins on first deposit.

What To Look Out For

We assume that most people play at casinos for 2 main reasons, to win money and to have fun. So with this in mind, there are 4 main things to look out for.


Wagering is the amount of times you need to re-bet your free spins winnings. For example if you win 10 and the wagering requirement is 35x, you will need to play through (or wager) another 350 at the casino before these free spins winnings can be available for withdrawal.

So in that example you can see that you need to place a significant number of extra bets before your winnings hit you pocket. Typically you can expect wagering requirements to be anywhere between 20x and 40x.

Tip: So to increase your chances of cashing out, choose a free spins bonus with low wagering requirements.

However, if you don’t like the sound of wagering at all, you can check out this list of free spins no wager bonuses. All casinos listed have welcome bonuses where you can keep what you win.


The volatility of a slot refers to how big the wins and how often a slot pays out. High volatile slots play out big wins, not very often. Whereas low volatile slots pay out smaller wins, more often.

There are 2 NetEnt slots that provide a good example of this:

Starburst is a low volatile slot and is widely used for casino bonuses as it has low volatility. They can offer high numbers of spins for players knowing that the risk of a player winning big is low.

However, sometimes you’ll find free spins bonuses awarded for Dead Or Alive. This slot is very volatile, so you’ll find casinos only give a low number of free spins to limit the risk of losing money.

Tip: So if you play for pure enjoyment, low volatile slots may be the thing for you. Or if you want to hit an all or nothing huge win, head for the high volatile slot games.

Number Of Free Spins

The number of free spins might sound like an obvious thing to check. However, now you know that number of free spins awarded is very likely to be influenced by the wagering requirements and the slot volatility. So, whereas it is tempting to go for the biggest number of free spins offered, beware – you may not have as good a chance of winning as you think. But, yes, if you think rationally without being lured by the attractive nature of casino bonuses, you are sure to win big. In case you are wondering, where to find jackpot city nz free spins, or a similar deal, you can just search the web with relevant keywords.

Tip: Beware before picking the biggest number of free spins in a welcome bonus.

Allocation of free spins

This is more of a note of something that you should also check when deciding to play a bonus. The allocation of free spins. Two different casinos may offer 200 free spins on first deposit but the way they allocate the free spins is very important. You may find that one casino gives you the free spins instantly, whereas another will give you 20 free spins per day for 10 consecutive days.

Tip: Try to go for free spins bonuses where all spins are available in the first 1 or 2 days after deposit.

Other Considerations

A few other things you should consider:

  • Does this casino have a good reputation?
  • Is it fully licensed by the MGA or UKGC?
  • What are the payout times for withdrawal?
  • Do I trust this casino?

Just a few other things to consider. There is nothing that will make you feel more sick than winning a truck load of cash and finding out the casino won’t pay out!


So to summarise there is no definitive answer to how to choose what is the best free spins bonus. However, there are some things that you should definitely check out to help you find which is the best bonus that suits your playing style. Look at the terms and conditions and pick the one that is best for you.