It’s hard to know what to put on an “about” page, especially when you already know what the site is about!

Who the hell are you?

Good question! I’m Tony Taylor (hence the name TT in the site title!), a guy in his mid 30s who loves to gamble.

Love to gamble? yeah right

It sounds daft, but it’s true. It started out playing fruit machines in the pubs, before going onto small bets on sports betting, before playing slots online.

My favourite Casino is 3dice.com –  it’s not the best in terms of graphics, but the games are fun, the staff are helpful and the payouts are quick. If you’re wondering why I like that so much, well, the picture below should show you! This was my first “big” win, w here I won £1150 when playing at £2.25 per spin… not bad hey?



Since then, I’ve played pretty much every casino going, and I have a soft spot for Microgaming slots, particularly Thunderstruck. 2 years ago, I deposited £300, and won about £3k. I accidentally hit “max bet”, which played a spin at £22.50 per spin… so 4 clicks of a mouse is worth £90…! the first spin brought about £35 in, so I hit spin again, and got the bonus round, which gives 15 free spins with all wins multiplied by 3. I nearly shit my pants, when I hit £12,810 on one spin!

That sounds a bit far fetched!

Good job I took a photo of it on my phone isn’t it?!



So, you can see why I love it! I’ve had a life changing win, and had a few ups (and of course many , many downs/losses), and had so many near misses (particularly on footy accas!)

What’s the site about?

Anything you can stake money to win money:

  • casinos
  • poker
  • bingo
  • betting

Anything else not mentioned above? let me know!

Why are you still talking?

I don’t know. If you want to get in touch for any reason, visit my contact page and fill out the form.