International Football : Crap to watch but worth a punt

The international football break in the middle of the season has become something everyone hates. No one cares who wins anymore, it’s just a pain in the arse. The only good thing to come out of it it is that there’s potential to make some extra cash before Christmas.

International Football no longer has the same appeal

International Football no longer has the same appeal

So tonight there are 6 games on, and I’m providing tips on a few of them.

  • Ukraine 29/20 vs Serbia – Ukraine win this one. Serbia were crap against Wales, and 29/20 is a good price. £20 on gets you £49 back
  • Czech Republic vs Denmark – Another home win. Denmark have lost a few of their experienced players due to retirement, and this one at 6/4 is another value bet. £10 on returns £25
  • Austria v Slovakia – Austria are 4/5, so 1.8 in decimal odds. £10 on gets £18 back
  • Northern Ireland vs Croatia – I’m not even considering NI to win this. Croatia at 5/4 is massive (2.1 in decimal odds). £10 gets £21 back

Depending on which bookies you go with, the accumulator on all 4 pays 24.6, so £10 on gets you a nice £240.06 back, a nice £230 profit!

Check back tomorrow to see how we got on!


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