The Future of Online Betting with Smartphones

People use their smartphones for almost everything these days. With your phone, you can book a flight, a restaurant or a movie, find a date for Friday night or play games with people on the other side of the world. It only makes sense that you would also be able to use your smartphone for online sports gambling.

Maybe you already use your phone to play online casino games. With a Supreme Court ruling in May 2018 that opened the door for states to begin legalizing sports gambling, there may soon be plenty of opportunity for startups to develop apps related to online sports gambling and for you to add yet another distraction to your phone, albeit a potentially profitable one.

It’s not going to happen overnight. Sports gambling will be legalized state by state, and some state lawmakers might be fine with allowing gambling in a casino or other brick and mortar location while drawing the line at enabling sports gambling over apps. Furthermore, there will be a number of regulations to take into account for companies that do get involved. Nevertheless, a number of startups already have their eyes on the possibilities.

One advantage for some of these companies is that there could be a whole market of people who would not go to a casino or another gambling establishment but might eagerly embrace the opportunity to place an online bet during a few minutes of downtime. To be honest, who would not like features like pre-game statistical tools and odds movement to up their chances of winning? Statistic Sports and similar online betting portals can give you the edge you need to improve your sports betting habits.

One company, Readyfire, already runs trivia games that people can play on their smartphones for monetary prizes. The company is exploring opportunities for online betting. Sports betting would not need to be restricted to which team wins or loses, or other traditional types of wagers. A person might choose a particular player, predict how that player will perform in the game, and be able to follow along on the smartphone. The fun of seeing little successes along the way to being successful in the bet may produce some of the same feel-good bursts that social media does. Many betting companies also offer fun bonuses as well and the codes for a few of these, such as this Bonus code for Mr Play Sports, can even be found online.

WinView is another company that also offers quiz games but is keeping up with developments in sports betting and foresees entering the gambling market at some point. The field may be ripe for startups simply because at present, it is a high-risk endeavor, and bigger companies may be unwilling to take the plunge into such uncertain waters.

There are a few other elements that may make the appeal of online sports betting via apps attractive to smartphone owners, with many available betting channels. While some people may be wary of new apps for a largely untested industry, people who enjoy gambling tend to have a higher tolerance for risk anyway and might not balk at this. Online sports betting may also adapt well to smartphones since it takes little data to check scores and place a bet.

The popularity of sports betting in Europe, where it is legal, and fantasy sports in the United States seems to point to a successful future sports betting market online. What remains to be seen is what will be legal where and how companies will work within those regulations to turn a profit.

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