The Dangers of Dirty Glassware

Because of COVID-19, everyone has become a lot more germ conscious, and this has extended to bongs. Yes that’s right, bongs. Did you know that stale, stagnant water sitting in a bong bowl is a breeding ground for bacteria, fungus, viruses and yeast. So before you go get another batch of moon rocks for sale and take a hit, you might want to read through this article first. If it doesn’t make you want to give your bong a thorough clean afterwards, we don’t know what will.

Smoking a bowl “filtered” through the equivalent of pond scum can transport all sorts of nasty pathogens into your mouth and lungs. Some contaminants can cause mild dizziness or fatigue, and others could expose you to extremely serious illnesses including Hepatitis A, pneumonia and strep throat.

If you have ever invested in a bong for your lifestyle then this is definetly a piece of equipment you need to be germ-concious about. do bongs get you higher? The answer is often yes. Are bongs a potential breeding ground for microbes? If you don’t start cleaning them properly, then that answer will be a yes as well.

The important thing to remember about cleaning your bong (and other smoking equipment) is to do it regularly. It doesn’t take long for microbes to latch on to stagnant water and start reproducing. Ideally, you’ll want to completely clean your bong after the last time you use it each day. Alternatively, many people own a large collection of bongs so that they can use them on a rotation. If you collect a lot of cheap water bongs, you won’t have to worry too much about washing your bong straight after use, as you can use another one for your next smoke.

The accompanying resource goes into more detail about the malicious microbes floating around in a dirty bong, and more importantly, explains how to clean that bong to reduce the threat and enjoy pot the way nature intended.

Dangers of Dirty Glassware from Gleeb