Chasing that One Big Betting Payday

Even for those people for whom gambling makes for just a bit of harmless fun, the possibility of walking away with a big jackpot, lucky-strike is always in the back of the mind. If you’re more of a regular gambler though and you’re specifically chasing at least one big betting payday, there’s a methodology to follow that will vastly improve your chances of reaching it quicker.

Applying the 20/80 casino gaming strategy

Resist the urge to focus on those games which appear to be more about skill than luck, although these should make up the majority of the casino games you play, if you do indeed want to hit a big betting payday soon. Hence the 20/80 casino gaming strategy – 20% pure-luck games and 80% skill games, by way of the time you allocate to the games of course, not by way of the percentage of the pool of games you engage in.

20% pure-luck games

So 20% of the time you spend betting online and through other channels should be allocated to those games where it appears that pure luck is required to win, such as regular slots and lucky draws. All the better if you don’t have to spend time actually spinning away and rather just placing bets once and then waiting for some kind of post-draw outcome.

80% skill games

80% of your time will be spent on skill games like Poker, because then you have more control over your destiny. You can build up your winnings with small-to-medium triumphs as you go along, with the remaining 20% pure-luck games covering the possibility of winning major jackpots, as per the standard of payouts associated with the types of casino games in existence.

Picking out a specialty

I specifically refer to it as picking out a speciality instead of focussing on one which you appear to have the most skill in and of course I’m talking about the types of games you play. Your skill level can always be elevated and developed as you go along, simply because all it really takes is practice. We’re going to get even more specific though in the suggestion that you should actually pick out a specific game to play, not just an entire genre.

This applies more to the skills games than those which rely solely on luck for the winning possibilities they offer, so you would perhaps settle on something like Texas Hold’em poker as a great choice. Master that choice through practice and play even just purely for fun at times, like in demo mode, where no money is put down and so no money would be won.

Focussing on the bigger-picture

Focussing on the bigger-picture comes into view with your chosen specialty in mind and what you’re then going to do is enjoy playing this specialty casino game you’ve chosen across any and all platforms you can access it through. If you’re on the go for instance and you’re away from your home casino gaming equipment, enjoy it via a live mobile casino. All the better if it’s the exact same online casino platform which offers its users different channels to keep enjoying the same platform, such as a mobile version which essentially just means you’d have a smaller screen to have to work with.

Consistency is key when chasing a big betting payday because it’s all about the underlying statistical principles at play. To very briefly explain the concept – the longer you play on a specific platform, that accounts for the statistical equivalent of engaging with a bigger sample size. And as per the principles of mathematical statistics, the bigger the sample size you have to work with, the more pronounced certain trends become. In a nutshell this just means the longer you bet the longer you have to analyse the trends which can help you uncover a winning betting strategy. When the time comes, the seasoned pro-gambler knows when to bet big in order to take advantage of the subsequent chance to win big, in line with the odds pointing to a looming big payout.

When the big payday arrives

My advice for when the big payday event inevitably arrives is simple – resist the urge to want to win even more money. In other words, don’t be greedy. Cash out the winnings, perhaps looking to invest some of that money into other avenues away from the gambling industry.